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Twemco Flip Clocks Feature Retro Styling And Atomic Accuracy

Twemco Flip Clocks Feature Retro Styling And Atomic Accuracy

Retro Flip Clock (Image courtesy Apartment Therapy Unplugged)
By Andrew Liszewski

Twemco Industries has been producing fully automatic perpetual calendar flip clocks for over 30 years, and to be in business with a name like Twemco for that long, you have to assume they make a great product. And since the company has over half a million clocks installed in banks, corporations and other commercial offices where keeping track of the exact date and time is very important, it’s not surprising that their latest models will automatically set and sync themselves to the various atomic time broadcasts around the world. In fact they’re so accurate they’ll only drift by about a second every million years.

The clocks are available in a variety of designs and layouts (with or without the date) and while the majority of them feature black and white schemes, there does appear to be at least one color model in their collection. And they’re all available from the equally retro-styled Twemco website.

[ Twemco Flip Clocks ] VIA [ Apartment Therapy Unplugged ]