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Update On I’m Talkathon: Going Strong, Kind Of Interesting

Update On I’m Talkathon: Going Strong, Kind Of Interesting

By David Ponce

So yeah, I know, this concerns a paid campaign by Microsoft. But, you guys should know I was not specifically asked to talk about it here at all. It’s not part of the deal. It just happens that this campaign is a little different, and really sort of interesting. If you visit the I’m Talkathon page, you’ll notice the blog is getting some traction, with some articles getting over 70 comments. The reason (IMHO), is that it actually has some solid production values. The videos the guys are making are really funny, and the entire thing is playing out like some sort of bloggy soap.

It turns out that the business behind it is as follows: if you IM with Windows Live Messenger (“IM”… “I’M”… get it?) or Windows Live Hotmail in a specific fashion (more here [link to video]), Microsoft will be giving to the charities we mentioned in our previous article. The more you use them, the more they give. What with Bill Gates leaving the company today and seemingly moving into full time philanthropy… this campaign sort of makes sense. Sure, in the end they’re trying to get you to use Microsoft products, but at least they’re giving back in the process.

Next up, I’m going to try and hunt down that Parker’s hair stylist. That ‘do is rockin…

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