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HD Camera That Fits In Your Pocket And Doesn’t Rob Your Wallet

By Jonathan Kimak

DXG has come up with the DXG-567V, a High Definition digital video camera that is just over 4 inches long and comes in four different colors (red, blue, black and pink). It records 720p using H.264 Video Compression (using the MOV format) and also has a built-in retractable USB cord and a web-upload feature that makes it easy to upload your videos to sites like YouTube.

The price is fairly good too, just $179 US.  But of course with the low price comes some serious sacrifices, like no optical zoom. Instead it has a measly 2X digital zoom, along with the extra-low flash memory of 32MB (it can take SD cards) and a 2 inch display on the back.

It seems rather crazy to have a High Definition Camera with 2X digital zoom. But hey, you’ll have the best looking blurry home movies on the block.

[ DXG USA ] VIA [ Electronista ]


    I have a Cannon HV30 which I use for my Vlog
    I could never go with this
    But thats just me
    An uppity Vlogger with nothing to loose