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The Fastest Clock In The World Tells Time To A Millionth Of A Second

The Fastest Clock In The World Tells Time To A Millionth Of A Second

The Fastest Clock In The World (Image courtesy Freddie Yauner)
By Andrew Liszewski

It seems the guy responsible for the highest popping toaster in the world has a preoccupation with the world’s blankiest blank. He also created what he claims to be the fastest clock in the world because it displays the time down to a millionth of a second. But if you check out the video I’ve included below, I’m not sure if ‘display’ is the best term to use since the last few digits on the clock are nothing but a blur.

Thankfully Freddie thought to include a button that will freeze the display at the current time (the current time as of when you push the button) if you need to set your considerably less accurate watch or VCR. While it’s just a prototype at this point, as a freelancer who occasionally charges by the hour, I’m hoping that one day I’ll be able to pick one up and provide my clients with a ridiculously accurate invoice.

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  • Yocto

    Chronos The Bear’s christmas present!

    You know, the Johnny Bravo character. “I am Chronos, master of all time!”

    The episode where Johnny was substituting for Santa. How did that go again, “and for Chronos a clock so precise that even he won’t be whining”, or something like that.

    Anyone remember it too?

    And why do *I* remember this?

  • Stanium

    Make this clock talk like “12 hours 38 minutes 6 seconds and five-hundred-seventy-four-housand-eight-hundred-eighty-eighth”