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TouchTable MultiPlay Roulette

TouchTable MultiPlay Roulette

TouchTable MultiPlay Roulette (Image courtesy TouchTable)
By Andrew Liszewski

If you’ve already dropped $30,000 to add the X10 Automated Poker Table to your gaming room, you might as well try and get your hands on one of these MutliPlay Roulette tables as well. While it still features a conventional roulette wheel that’s operated by a dealer, the rest of the table, including chips and financial transactions, is all operated by a large 56 inch touch screen. In fact the touch screen has a resolution of 3,840 x 2,160, which makes me wonder if it isn’t one of Westinghouse’s quad HD displays that’s been upgraded with a touch interface. And speaking of the interface, the MultiPlay Roulette table can accommodate up to 7 players at once thanks to a patent pending technology that allows it to tell the individual players apart as they interact with the touch screen.

Unfortunately though, it seems like you might not be able to buy a MultiPlay table for your home since the company (TouchTable) is targeting them towards actual casinos as a more profitable alternative to traditional Roulette tables.

TouchTable MultiPlay Roulette provides a number of major advantages to the casino. The time to run a game cycle is lowered considerably – especially when many guests are playing at once – since the dealer does not have to handle payouts for every game. The consequence is significantly increased profits for the casino. Also the casino’s costly handling of chips is eliminated. The electronic handling of money minimizes the risk of dealer errors and cheating. Disputes are handled efficiently by easy access to the stored game histories.

But if you’d like the opportunity to try one out in person, TouchTable apparently started installing them in casinos in May of last year. So did anyone happen to see one the last time they were in Vegas?

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