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Mio Unveils Knight Rider GPS

Mio Unveils Knight Rider GPS

By Luke Anderson

I’d be willing to bet that a good many of you have, at some point in your life, wanted your very own KITT from Knight Rider. Seriously, who wouldn’t want a bad ass Trans Am voiced by Mr. Feeny? Since there is no actual Knight Industries Two Thousand, you can at least subsitute with a cool car and one of these new Knight Rider GPS.

Mio has cooked up this special Knight Rider GPS which is essentially one of their Mio systems with a few fancy decorations to make it look like something you’d see in the show. The best part (and likely the selling point for most) is the fact that you’ll be given directions by William Daniels, otherwise known as KITT himself. When you turn it on you’ll even be greeted with his voice asking “Hello Michael. Where do you want to go today?”. Look for this awesome GPS later this year for around $270.

[ Mio ] VIA [ GearLive ]