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Hyundai 3-D Lcd Television Comes To Japan

Hyundai 3-D Lcd Television Comes To Japan

By Jonathan Kimak

People in Japan will now be able to watch those insane gameshows of theirs in 3-D. Hyundai has created a 46-inch LCD television that displays shows in 3-D. And it’s not insanely expensive either. The price it’s selling for is $3,960 which includes the TV and two sets of glasses used for watching the television.

The TV uses a technology called Tri-Def to display the 3-D images. Tri-Def was developed by Ddd Group Plc , based in Santa Monica, California.

Japan already has programming for the 3-D television. Tokyo channel BS 11 currently broadcasts 3-D programs 4 times a day but it only shows short clips of things like animals at the zoo and some motorcycle races.

The worst news is that Hyundai has no intention of selling the TV anywhere else so none of us in North America will be seeing any 3-D broadcasts for a while.

And here I was hoping I could see the last half season of Battlestar Galactica in 3-D.

VIA [ Welt Online ]