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Make Your Own Electroluminescent Clothing

Make Your Own Electroluminescent Clothing

Daft Punk Alive Tour (Images courtesy enlighted VIA Instructables)
By Andrew Liszewski

I unfortunately missed Daft Punk’s Alive tour last year, so the first time I saw them wearing their awesome electroluminescent suits was at the Grammy Awards where they performed with Kanye West. And probably like a lot of other people, I realized my own wardrobe could definitely benefit from the electroluminescent treatment, but since I have no experience with glowing clothing I abandoned the idea. But it turns out that the person responsible for Daft Punk’s getup has actually put together a fairly in-depth tutorial on Instructables so anyone can make their own.

Finding the EL wire is not that difficult, nor is it particularly expensive, but the tutorial has some useful tips when it comes to designing an EL garment so that it lasts for more than just one night out on the town. And don’t expect this to be as easy as using your Bedazzler either, making your own EL clothing involves wiring, soldering and other areas where things can go terribly wrong. But if you pull it off I think the results definitely speak for themselves.

[ How to add EL wire to a coat or other garment ] VIA [ Engadget ]