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See-Through Executive Desk – So That’s How They Work

See-Through Executive Desk – So That’s How They Work

Executive Desk (Image courtesy Dale Mathis & The Redstone Art Gallery)
By Andrew Liszewski

Over the years I’ve made several attempts at building my own desk, and for some reason they’ve never really worked out. But as of this morning I finally know why. There’s apparently a lot more that goes into a desk than I realized. I always assumed they were just a flat piece of wood with legs attached, but this see-through Executive Desk designed by Dale Mathis has shown me the error of my ways. His desk finally reveals all the important gears and cogs that were clearly lacking in my own design.

And to be honest if I knew they were really this complicated on the inside, I probably wouldn’t have tried to build my own in the first place. Though I can’t figure out how IKEA manages to get the price down to $100, when this model will set you back $21,000. (I’ve also included a video after the jump showing the desk in action.)

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