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Microsoft’s “I’m” Initiative, And Our Involvement

Microsoft’s “I’m” Initiative, And Our Involvement

By David Ponce

Hey guys. Over the coming days, some of you will notice ads running that talk about the “I’m Talkathon”. This is an initiative from Microsoft to support a select group of charities (pictured above). The link below will take you to the I’m Talkathon blog, where you can find out more about all this. Make no mistake, this is a blog maintained by MS (this is clearly stated in their rather large disclaimer at the bottom), but the entire campaign seems to have a conversational, social element to it which we find interesting.

And aside from running ads for the initiative, we’re participating in our own way. As some of you may remember, we now have a super-awesome (*cough cough*) T-Shirt. And while we initially pledged $1 for every shirt sold, we’ve decided to up that, and donate all proceeds to UNICEF (one of the charities involved). And finally, to make things a little more interesting for you guys, if you purchase a shirt in the next 30 days, you’ll automatically be entered to win $100.

We’re not thinking we’ll change the world with this, but ever little bit helps.

[ I’m Talkathon Blog ]

[ T-Shirt Product Page (Remember: all proceeds go to UNICEF) ]