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Arg: MSI Wind Delayed, Battery Slashed

Arg: MSI Wind Delayed, Battery Slashed

MSI Wind

By Evan Ackerman

Were you up at 12:01 AM checking the MSI website with an itchy credit card like I was? No? Well, good. You saved yourself some beauty sleep. Although you can pre-order an MSI Wind subnotebook right now, it’s not going to ship until June 27 (which, incidentally, is the same day Wall-E comes out). It’s also not going to ship with the 6-cell 5.5 hour battery, which for me, is one of the things that makes it so appealing. Instead, you’ll get a 3-cell battery and a slightly cheaper price. Super, super lame.

It looks like 6-cell models should start showing up in July, but there’s no firm date so don’t get your hopes up (I’m getting my hopes up anyway). If you’re looking for someone to blame, try LG Chem… Since their battery factory burned down laptop batts have been harder for manufacturers to come by, but production should be restored by Q3 of this year.

Update: looks like it’s sold out. Meh, oh well. Who wants a 3-cell version anyway.

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