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TOSY R-Tyre, The First RC Wheel

TOSY R-Tyre, The First RC Wheel

By Luke Anderson

As a kid I loved playing with remote controlled cars. I’d always go down the toy isle to check out the latest and greatest ones. I have to say that in all that time, I never once saw an RC tire. Generally there were three others and a body, however, the TOSY R-Tyre skips out on all the extras.

I honestly want to see this thing in action, as I can’t really imagine it working all that well. Then again, I never could master the unicycle, so perhaps it’ll be easier than I’m thinking. I am a bit concerned by the amount of buttons on the remote control. Perhaps they’re making up for the missing car parts by adding in extra buttons. No word on pricing or availability.

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  • Rondaddy1

    Wait, what about the Johnny Neutron RC Ultra Orb?
    pix (
    Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius(TM) Radio Control Ultra Orb

    RadioShack’s exclusive radio control “Ultra Orb” stunt machine looks just like one of the futuristic vehicles seen in the new movie, “Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius,” which opens Dec. 21, 2001, in theaters nationwide. The included 7-function remote allows the user to command the Ultra Orb to perform quick and wild stunts, roll along, spin around, tumble and do side-spinning stunts on its side rollbar, and it is driven by Jimmy Neutron. The battery-powered Ultra Orb is 12-1/2 inches long, and can travel up to 550 feet per minute. The Ultra Orb is suggested for children ages 6 and older and retails for $39.99.

  • Rondaddy1

    what about the Johnny Neutron RC Ultra Orb (

    Tons of mono-disc fun!