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Custom Designed Toy Gun Phone

Custom Designed Toy Gun Phone

Custom Designed Toy Gun Phone (Images courtesy Fun Home Products Inc.)
By Andrew Liszewski

From what I can tell, the whole point of this toy gun phone is to scare someone into thinking you’re ready to end it all, when in reality you’re just ordering a pizza, or talking to your grandmother. The phone was made by a company called Custom Phones for a client in Singapore, and in order to listen and talk on it you do need to point it at your head. (Or use the headset jack.) It could’ve been a clever gag were it not for the white keypad on the gun’s handle (which does come with a cover) or of course the twisted black phone cord hanging off the bottom.

Since it was a custom design you’ll need to contact Custom Phones directly if you’re looking for pricing info or want to order one of your own.

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