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Bierstick Lets You Chug Beer At 1 Can Per Second

By Luke Anderson

Have you ever seen that guy at a party that can chug a beer in just 5 seconds? Well if you’ve ever wanted to show him up with your awesome chugging skills, this Bierstick would be the way to do it.

There’s really not much to this contraption. You fill it up with two (yes two!) cans of your favorite beer (or any beer, it’s not like you’re going to taste it), stick one end in your mouth, then slam it against a wall. If properly executed, you’ll down both beers in around 2 seconds. If improperly executed, you just busted out your front teeth. Impress your drunken friends for just $20.

[ Bierstick ] VIA [ CrunchGear ]

  • Mike

    Thats a good way to drown!