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BMW GINA Shape-Shifting Car Concept

BMW GINA Shape-Shifting Car Concept


By Evan Ackerman

Tired of the way your car looks? Yeah, me too. Twenty five year old Volvo station wagons tend to have some pretty harsh lines. BMW has tackled this very problem (or some problem, anyway) with a concept car named GINA that can change its shape on command. GINA is a fairly strained acronym of “Geometry and Function In N Adaptations (maybe it works better in ze German), and the way the car adapts its geometry to various functions is quite unique. Instead of having a conventional body, GINA is completely covered with a resilient yet stretchy fabric. When motorized metal framing underneath the fabric moves, the fabric changes its shape and consequently the look and function of the car. Sweet video of GINA in action, after the jump.

Although the concept is completely functional (yep, there’s a working engine under there), the only place you’ll be able to see GINA is at the BMW Museum, in Munich.

VIA [ Wired ]