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Computer Keyboard Lighter

Computer Keyboard Lighter

Computer Keyboard Lighter (Image courtesy
By Andrew Liszewski

For the nerd who has everything, as well as a desire to destroy their lungs comes these computer keyboard themed lighters. Each one is roughly the size of your standard Bic lighter, but features a remarkable amount of detail. They have a matte powder coat finish and come in 6 different color options with black or white sets of keys. The plunger, which is visible on a couple of the lighters in that photo, folds safely into the side of the keyboard so there’s less of a chance of it being accidentally lit while it’s banging around in your pocket. The lighters are also refillable, and can be engraved on the underside if you’re looking for a promotional item that will appeal to smokers and arsonists.

Unfortunately/fortunately for those of us in North America, the Computer Keyboard Lighters are only available from for about $3.84 each, and can only be shipped to a UK address.

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