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Robotic Teddy Bear GPS Points Out Your Directions

Robotic Teddy Bear GPS Points Out Your Directions

By Luke Anderson

When you go shopping for a GPS, what are the features you look for? Maybe you want a bigger screen, Bluetooth capabilities, or one that is really cute. Okay, so I doubt that many of you are looking for a “cute” GPS, but if you are, few are going to top this robotic teddy bear.

While not the most practical GPS out there, this bear will provide directions by speaking aloud and point its arms to indicate which way to turn. Don’t try getting behind the wheel drunk, because this little guy won’t bear (sorry, couldn’t resist the obvious pun) it, thanks to the alcohol detection unit in his neck. Sure, without a display this won’t be of interest for most people, but it’s still interesting to see what people come up with.

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