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Rail Runner Puts Fun First, Safety Second

Rail Runner Puts Fun First, Safety Second

Rail Runner (Images courtesy
By Andrew Liszewski

The Rail Runner looks more like a prop from a Marx Brothers movie than an eco-friendly mode of transportation. But it’s real, and if you happen to have access to a section of railroad track that isn’t frequented by a 200 ton diesel locomotive, you can spend a leisurely afternoon riding the rails via pedal power. The Rail Runner can accommodate up to 4 people (it can support about 1,200 pounds when sitting on a set of tracks) but can actually be powered by a single rider since it only weighs around 140 pounds thanks to an aluminum frame and polyurethane wheels. The base version of the Rail Runner comes with 2 seats and a price tag of $1,950 but you can add the optional ‘deck’ in the back with 2 additional seats for $135, and a sun canopy for another $165.

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