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Bandai Aqua Drop Maze Game

Bandai Aqua Drop Maze Game

Bandai Aqua Drop Maze Game (Images courtesy
By Andrew Liszewski

Did you ever have a Labyrinth, or one of those other games where you had to successfully navigate a metal ball bearing around a maze by tilting and angling it? Well the Aqua Drop from Bandai is pretty much the exact same idea. But instead of using a metal ball bearing, it uses drops of water, while the maze itself is covered with a water repellent surface. It kind of makes the water drops look and behave like drops of mercury, but you know, without all the risk of mercury poisoning. I’m not sure if the Aqua Drops will manage to tear kids away from their DS’s or PSPs, but come June there will be four different mazes to choose from, at just $15 a pop.

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