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Show You Cubicle Who’s Boss With Ninja Tacks

Show You Cubicle Who’s Boss With Ninja Tacks

By Luke Anderson

Remember those cool Shuriken LED Lamps that we showed you last month? Well those lights might be a little hard to find a good place for, since you likely already have lighting in most places that you need. However, you can use a few extra thumb tacks just about anywhere, right?

I wouldn’t exactly call these thumb tacks per se, but you get the idea. Unfortunately, these awesome creations still appear to be nothing more than concepts items. I’m really bummed out because I already whipped out my card and was prepared to order these things by the dozen.

[ Chromoly ] VIA [ CoolestGadgets ]


2 responses to “Show You Cubicle Who’s Boss With Ninja Tacks”

  1. says:

    Anything that ninjas up my office is cool by me.

  2. My office is so ninja you dont even know its there.