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If Nothing Else, Ghost Goblets Make For A Cool Effect

Ghost Goblet (Image courtesy CocktailVibe) By Andrew Liszewski

Let’s face it. If you’re the type of person who reads a gadget blog every morning (or 70) you’re also the type of person who likes to have the latest cool or unique gadgets to show off to your friends. So the next time your pals stop by and you’re serving up some refreshments, why not blow their minds with these Ghost Goblets.

Ok, while they’re not exactly ‘mind-blowing’ the goblet within a glass effect is still pretty cool, particularly when it’s filled with what appears to be a weird hybrid of Tang and V8. I think that cocktail is officially called ‘Sadness in my Mouth.’

A set of 4 Ghost Goblets is available from for $74.95.

[ Ghost Goblet ] VIA [ Nerd Approved ]

  • TaVo

    Hard to clean, or no?

  • jon

    My immediate thought too. $75 for glasses you cannot wash.

  • Pacasso

    A real man doesn’t need clean glasses… hey… a real man doesn’t need glasses…