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Behold (And Purchase!) The Official OhGizmo T-Shirt!

Behold (And Purchase!) The Official OhGizmo T-Shirt!

By David Ponce

So this. Is. It.

After how many weeks of work, of back and forth, of a design contest and its failure, of crying and moaning… we have us the official OhGizmo! T-Shirt. Props to the Splitreason team for this. This first production run is available now in Black, sizes small to double-X Large, and will retail for $18.95.

Remember, we’re giving a dollar away to charity for every T-Shirt sold, and we’re thinking we’ll send the money to UNICEF, unless you guys have a better idea.

If you want a slightly larger version of the design, hit this link.

Otherwise, hurry up already, and go get one here!

[Buy The OhGizmo! T-Shirt ]

P.S. What do y’alls think?

P.P.S And yeah, we got a little inspired by the “winning” design from the contest.