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The Boy Genius Report Reviews The Nokia E71

The Boy Genius Report Reviews The Nokia E71

BGR Nokia E71 Review (Images courtesy The Boy Genius Report)
By Andrew Liszewski

In my pre-iPhone days I went through a lot of cellphones, but the Nokia E61 probably holds the record for sticking around the longest. So even though I now mostly only use an iPhone, I’ve been keeping an eye on what Nokia has been doing with their e-series handsets. While the E61i was a marginal upgrade over the E61, it looks like the E71 is a considerably larger step, at least in terms of design. The Boy Genius Report recently got their hands on one and have posted a review of their findings.

Overall they really like the phone, particularly the chrome finish and its thin form factor. While they weren’t a huge fan of the smaller keyboard keys (when compared to the E61) they don’t feel it’s a deal breaker. In fact they go as far as to call the E71 the best phone Nokia has made to date, and it apparently puts the E61 to shame. Personally, I’m waiting to see what Google’s Android is like before I consider a new phone, but for those who prefer an actual keyboard (opposed to the iPhone’s virtual one) you might want to look into Nokia’s latest offering.

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