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Bestlink Alpha 400 Redefines Ultracheap Laptops

Bestlink Alpha 400 Redefines Ultracheap Laptops

Bestlink Alpha 400
By Evan Ackerman

If the Asus Eee 700 just a little bit out of your price range at $300, have a look at the Bestlink Alpha 400. It costs only $250, or if you’re willing to buy a hundred of ’em, only $180. At under $200, the Bestlink Alpha 400 is practically disposable. So what do you get for that? No surprises: it’s pretty bleak. It comes with a 400mHz CPU with 128mb of RAM, 1 or 2 gigs of memory, an SD slot and USB ports, and a 7″ 800×400 screen. It will, of course, be running some flavor Linux.

This is pretty seriously bare bones, but if you commit to a laptop that is only for email/internet, paying under $200 (I have no doubt that they’ll be showing up online for that much) is appealing. Personally, I can’t survive on that, and I just have to have a little more. I’ll be paying nearly three times as much for that little bit extra in the form of the MSI Wind next month… Is it worth it? I really don’t know yet, I guess we’ll see.

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