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Wireless Chime Lets You Know When The Mail Arrives

Wireless Chime Lets You Know When The Mail Arrives

By Luke Anderson

The mailman shows up to deliver my mail around 10:30 every morning, and is usually on time. However, it seems that when I’m expecting something rather important, he comes just a bit late. Then when I open my mailbox, I have no idea whether he’s not been there, or I haven’t received any mail. It usually ends up being the former, as it is a rare occasion that I don’t get junk mail.

Here is a clever little gadget that will let you know the moment you get mail. Essentially it is just a simple motion sensor with a wireless transmitter. You stick one end to the inside of your mailbox, and the other somewhere in your house. When the mailman goes to stick in the mail, you’ll hear a chime. If you don’t mind hearing this thing go off every single day, then you can pick one up for around $50.

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One response to “Wireless Chime Lets You Know When The Mail Arrives”

  1. Robert Lees says:

    Can you ship to Australia ? If only to the US, I will be in Hawaii from 1 June to 10 June