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db clay Unveils Version 3.1 Wallets

db clay Unveils Version 3.1 Wallets

db clay Version 3.1 Wallets (Images courtesy db clay)
By Andrew Liszewski

These days it’s almost a crime to refer to db clay’s products as ‘duct tape wallets’. The custom engineered and eco-friendly tape-like material they’re made from (Tope) seems more like a specially developed canvas for their really cool designs. Version 3.1 features such unique standouts as Fish and Fur, which was taken in a taxidermy shop and Slow Bugs, which were actually all collected in the company’s red bricked warehouse. (Post-mortem of course.)

What’s even more impressive is that Version 3.1 marks the company’s 10 year anniversary of making these truly one-of-a-kind wallets. While the 12 pictured above are currently available for sale on the db clay website ($48 each) an additional 6 designs are only available for pre-order right now.

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