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Airwolf Helicopter Replica On eBay

Airwolf Helicopter Replica On eBay

Airwolf Replica (Images courtesy eBay)
By Andrew Liszewski

Remember when I was all excited because someone put one of the Tim Burton era Batmobiles on eBay? Well I’m glad the auction was removed because it allowed me to save my money for this Airwolf replica instead. Unfortunately this Airwolf was never affiliated with the TV series, but was created for a helicopter museum in Tennessee. It is pretty accurate though, since it was built on an existing Bell 222A airframe and the side panels, nose panel and other details were all made from the real Airwolf’s specs and plans. In other words, this is probably as close as you’ll ever get to owning one.

Like the series, the helicopter museum is no more, which is why their collection is now up for auction. At the time of writing the latest bid was $38,900, but the reserve hasn’t been met. And if you plan on making your own bid, just keep in mind this is strictly a replica and can’t actually be flown out of your secret mountain base. Also Ernest Borgnine is not included.

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