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Bluetooth Cassette Adapter

Bluetooth Cassette Adapter

Flexii Bluetooth Cassette

By Evan Ackerman

It may be way, way outdated tech nowadays, but most cars still have tape decks in them. Most cars I drive, that is. New cars that only have CD players (also outdated tech, for what it’s worth) are damn annoying because there’s no good way to get your iPod (or whatever) to work with them. Don’t even get me started on how awful those AM/FM transmitters are. Anyway, tape adapters are the way to go, since they’re easy and cheap and work flawlessly. You can get them with built-in MP3 players, and now they also come with Bluetooth.

The Flexii Bluetooth Cassette Adapter works just like a standard tape adapter, except for the whole Bluetooth instead of wires part. It comes with an internal lithium-ion battery good for about 5 hours, a car charger, and a USB cable good for I know not what. It’s a mildly neat little gadget, but for $46 shipped, I might just stick with good old fashioned wires.

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