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BakVac Changes How We Think About Vacuum Cleaners

BakVac Changes How We Think About Vacuum Cleaners

By Luke Anderson

I live in a house that has carpet in almost all of the rooms, which means there is much vacuuming to be done on a regular basis. I’ve got one of those nice bagless models which works really well, except for those times when the stairs need cleaned. Here’s a concept that I can’t wait to see on the market, as it would make my life much easier.

Rather than dragging some large unit around all the time, the BakVac is a small cleaner that attaches to your back. This eliminates the hassle of trying to balance the vacuum on the stairs as you work to clean them. What’s even better is that the device would be powered by fuel cells, rather than needing to be plugged in all the time. Now if only it weren’t a concept.

VIA [ Dvice ]


2 responses to “BakVac Changes How We Think About Vacuum Cleaners”

  1. anonymous says:

    Not really new, the cleaning service where I work uses something similar for vacuuming around the cubicles.

  2. Selina Rose says:

    It look like smart vacuum cleaner bags. I really helpful to maintain vacuum product and easily done cleaning task.