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TrekDesk Makes Working Hard Work

TrekDesk Makes Working Hard Work


By Evan Ackerman

I prefer to do the majority of my work from a position that’s as horizontal as possible… Maybe that’s why I get winded whenever I have lift my hand from a jumbo bag of Cheetos to my mouth. If I had an ounce of self respect or motivation, I might get a TrekDesk, which is an attachment for any treadmill that turns it into a work surface. You’re supposed to set your treadmill for a slow inclined walk and then work as normal, which may sound like a real pain in the ass, but according to the TrekDesk FAQ “your concentration and productivity will increase.” And you’ll lose weight, gain energy, all that good stuff.

If you prefer bouncing, TrekDesk is also working on an exercise ball chair, which “capitalizes on calorie burning advantage of working core muscles while sitting.” Burning calories while sitting? Now that’s something I can get excited about, as long as I don’t have to stand up to do so. Picture, after the jump.


Both of these should be available sometime in Q3 of this year, for a price that is “significantly lower” than competitors (?).

[ TrekDesk ] VIA [ Uberreview ]

  • Erbi

    Thanks for the info on the trekdesk, looks cool. I need one. Like you I have been too sedentary for too long. Their website is at if you want to read more.