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Live Lobster Claw Game – Come On, Lobstey!

Live Lobster Claw Game – Come On, Lobstey!

Sub Marine Catcher (Image courtesy Weird Asia News)
By Andrew Liszewski

Ha ha. This reminds me of The Simpsons episode ‘Team Homer’ where Otto is obsessed with getting that lobster harmonica out of the claw game at the bowling alley. But instead of a bowling alley, this claw game is located in Osaka, Japan’s Namba district, and instead of winning a lobster harmonica, you can actually win a real life lobster. Obviously you’d have to up your claw game skills if you expect to snag a moving target like a live lobster, but if you do happen to snatch one the arcade manager will at least give you a plastic bag so you can carry it around with you the rest of the night. I’ve also included a video after the jump of some tourists successfully scoring themselves a tasty lobster prize.

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