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BlissLights Laser Wand

BlissLights Laser Wand

BlissLights Laser Wand (Images courtesy BlissLights)
By Andrew Liszewski

After my review of the Wicked Lasers Photonic Disruptor I have a new-found respect for green laser pointers. Even a low-powered model is too bright to be considered a toy, which is why I kind of cringe looking at these product shots. The BlissLights Laser Wand is basically a green laser pointer that uses a “high diffraction efficiency digital holographic optical element” to turn the beam into hundreds of smaller ones creating a stars effect. It’s intended to be used to amaze your party guests which it probably will as long as they’re all 10 years old. And while I’m sure the photos in that product shot are simulated, I’m not too thrilled with the idea of shining this thing in people’s faces and eyes as they seem to be suggesting.

The laser itself is classified as an FLPPS Class 2 model which is apparently safe to look at from distances greater than 6 inches, but I would still be hesitant. It uses a CR2 battery which should keep it running for about 10 hours, and is available directly from BlissLights for $99.95.

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