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Spore Creature Creator Available In June


By Evan Ackerman

I haven’t been this excited for a video game in, I don’t know, forever? It’s been a long, long time coming, but Will Wright’s epic, epic bacterium-to-universal-domination game Spore is… Um… Still not ready to go. But the good news is that the Spore Creature Creator, the core of Spore if you will, is going to be release stand-alone in June. The retail version will be $10, or you can try out the demo version, which allows access to only 25% of the available body parts.

I got to try out the Creature Creator at Yuri’s Night, and it was very easy and very, very fun, with almost unlimited possibilities for designing both the simple and the complex. From what I saw, little kids were by far the most creative, able to sit down and (with zero practice) create some of the most awesomely bizarre life forms. Adults, on the other hand, seemed very concerned with practicality and mostly made creatures that resembled dinosaurs. Check out a few pics of took, after the jump.



The full version of Spore, BTW, is set to be released here in North America on September 7.

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