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Fish Tank Friday: SpeedFish

Fish Tank Friday: SpeedFish


By Evan Ackerman

Goldfish are damn fast. According to the internet, they top out at something like 4mph, which is kind of adorable. But in conventional tanks, you never get to see them unleash themselves thanks to a plexiglass wall that’s never far enough away. The SpeedFish racetrack provides an uninterrupted sequence of straights and curves for your fishies to pit their swimming skills against in crazy nonstop fish-on-fish action with total disregard for safety precautions, water filters, or aquatic plants. It’s only a concept for now, though, so you’ll have to go back to watching cars do this instead.

[ R’Pure ] VIA [ OutNext ]

BTW, “fishtank” is a misspelling, isn’t it? Sigh. “Fishtank Friday” looked so much sexier. Oh well.


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