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Exhaust Air Jack Lifts Your Car With Ease

Exhaust Air Jack Lifts Your Car With Ease

By Luke Anderson

Getting a flat tire on your car always sucks. I don’t care where you are, it’s never fun to change a tire. Usually the worst part is actually trying to jack your car up so you can take off the wheel. Usually you’ll find the worst excuse for a car jack known to man in your trunk. You know the kind, they have some kind of rod that you have to twist about three hundred times, then you get to do it all again when you’re done changing the tire. I believe I’ve found the coolest jack ever.

This Exhaust Air Jack is a work of pure genius. It is a big orange bag which you set underneath your vehicle. There is a hose coming out of it which you connect to the exhaust of your car. In about 30 seconds the bag will have inflated enough to raise your car up off the ground. There’s even a one-way valve to prevent air loss if you decide to turn off your vehicle This will work on just about any surface, which isn’t the same for traditional jacks. I’d say that $129.99 for one of these would be money well spent.

[ AJPrindle ] VIA [ SlipperyBrick ]