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CrashBonsai Disrupts Your Tranquil Tree

CrashBonsai Disrupts Your Tranquil Tree

By Luke Anderson

Bonsai trees are generally a sign of peace and tranquility. Some people spend countless hours taking care of them and making sure they are perfect. So what would happen if a miniature care spun out of control and wrecked into your precious tree? It wouldn’t be very zen, that’s for sure.

If you think it’s amusing to see something as terrible as a car crash butted up against a tranquil Bonsai tree, then you’ll likely get a kick out of CrashBonsai, which is essentially a tiny car that’s been detailed to look exactly like it’s been drove straight into a tree. You can purchase one of these handmade designs from the creator for between $75 and $125.

[ CrashBonsai ] VIA [ Dvice ]


2 responses to “CrashBonsai Disrupts Your Tranquil Tree”

  1. Thach says:

    Great idea. Although i could do it for less than a dollar by taking a HotWheels diecast toy and just mangle it up myself

  2. Yocto says:

    Strangely appealing, in a weird and twisted way.

    You just have to stop and gawk.