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Carlos The Hobo-bot Is Officially The Best Thing I’ve Seen All Week, And It’s Only Wednesday

Carlos The Hobo-bot (Image courtesy GizmoGarden)
By Andrew Liszewski

The picture above probably won’t make much sense until you watch the video I’ve included below. That is unless you’re already familiar with torso-less robot hobos walking around pushing shopping carts. In that case you probably won’t find this video as funny as I did.

Carlos was actually designed for a college project and was intended to be a study of how robots could be used to help the less fortunate.

Carlos was a college kinetic sculpture project. I was interested in the concept of automating aspects of society that were considered not so “glamorous”. Robotics are often used in environments which are considered dangerous to humans. Deep sea exploration, nuclear cleanup and volcanism are some of the “higher profile” adverse environments which robots are used. My question was, “What about other dangerous or hazardous areas?”. For example, homeless people live in extremely dangerous environments. Shouldn’t there be automated equipment used by this strata of society?

I’m not sure how the catching on fire part comes into play, but it makes the Hobo-bot all the more entertaining to watch. And it’s particularly interesting to see people walking by trying to ignore the robot, just like they would ignore an actual homeless person.

[ Walking Shopping Cart ] VIA [ MAKE: Blog ]

  • emdy

    Why is it on Fire?!

  • chaz

    I thought it was hillarious how ppl would just ignore it… caught a few checking it out

  • Athios

    “Carlos was actually designed for a college project and was intended to be a study of how robots could be used to help the less fortunate.”
    I must be missing something. How is this infernal contraption supposed to help homeless people?? o_O

  • Moron-Tech

    no, NOT like how “they would ignore an actual homeless person” but how people ignore EVERYONE in their path while walking the streets. the rationale for this piece of shit robot is absurd and sounds more like just a way to “invent” ways to waste money. “welp, gotta do a project. throw some legs on a shopping cart and invent the lamest rationalization ever on why the homeless and Shitnology can come together as one.” the homeless would smash that fucker in 2 seconds and scrap it, ACCORDINGLY and so would i.