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World’s Smallest And Lightest Battery Charger

World’s Smallest And Lightest Battery Charger

By Luke Anderson

I have a lot of devices that run on AA batteries. Namely my mouse and gaming controllers, but there are others around here that need them as well. This of course means that I have a few different chargers throughout my house to ensure I’ve always got a fresh pair somewhere. If you also need rechargeable batteries on the go, I might recommend tossing this Freeloader Battery ChargerPop into your bag.

It claims to be the smallest and lightest battery charger in the world, which is always nice for a laptop bag. It will charge either two AA or AAA batteries to 75% of a full charge in three to four hours via your PC’s USB port. For $25, it probably wouldn’t be a bad addition to your gadget bag, provided your gadgets actually use AA batteries.

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