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Black Tissues Keep You Stylish Even When Fighting A Cold

Black Tissues Keep You Stylish Even When Fighting A Cold

Black Tissues (Image courtesy Japan Trend Shop)
By Andrew Liszewski

Japan Trend Shop is now selling a black tissue box that comes complete with… wait for it… black tissues! Apparently items like black cotton swabs and black toothpaste are catching on in Japan, since black has a clean and sophisticated feeling to it. All I know is that they look a lot cooler than the flower pattern box currently sitting in my bathroom. Time to grab the Sharpie!

According to the Spiddlement blog who’s actually had a chance to try them out, they feel just like regular tissues but have a faint smell of dye when you blow your nose. Definitely a small price to pay for staying hip.

I would be tempted to pick up a box, but Japan Trend Shop actually requires you to buy 20 for $149!

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  • llamanando

    Nothing new about it. S2S Japan Inc. is already selling for some time, not only black tissues, but also kitchen rolls, napkins, and of course the world famous black toillet paper from RENOVA Portugal. Not only in black but also in 5 more impacting colors.

    Please visit the websites, for more info or

    Best Regards