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The Pioneer Brings Back Lighted Shoes

The Pioneer Brings Back Lighted Shoes


By Luke Anderson

Remember back in the 90’s when light-up shoes were all the rage, and people actually said the phrase “all the rage”? Well someone has come up with a design for a new light-up shoe that might actually have a purpose, unlike those hideous things we all wore as kids.

The Pioneer is a shoe designed for people that love to go walking, running or jogging at night. I will admit that my favorite time to jog (when I actually jog, which is rare) is at night. Then again my favorite time to do anything is at night. The sneakers have built-in LEDs which produce a beam of light  up to 1.5 meters away. You’ll get around 12 hours out of each charge, which isnt’ too bad since the tiny battery will be contained within a shoe. Unfortunately it is only a concept for now.

VIA [ Yanko Design ]


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