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From The Road: Who Knew Kryptonite Was So Readily Available?

From The Road: Who Knew Kryptonite Was So Readily Available?

JLA Trophy Room Multi Colored Kryptonite Display Replica (Image property of OhGizmo!)
By Andrew Liszewski

Given the ridiculously nice weather I decided to go for a walk yesterday, and as is usually the case, I ended up at my local comic book store. Much to my surprise, in their display case of ‘stuff that’s so expensive you’re not allowed to touch’ I discovered this handsomely displayed set of Kryptonite. Now I was always under the impression you needed some crazy, Luther-esque plan in order to obtain a usable amount of Superman’s achilles heel, but it seems my own dreams of taking down the man of steel might actually come true.

Unfortunately, after doing a little research online it turns out this is actually a replica of a set of Kryptonite found in the Justice League’s trophy room. So not only is it a fake, but it’s also based on an item that only exists in a comic book. Sigh… Anyways it looks like the BigBadToyStore also carries it for $204.99.


2 responses to “From The Road: Who Knew Kryptonite Was So Readily Available?”

  1. fireball87 says:

    What in tarnations are you talking about? Lutheresque skill my eye, almost everyone in the superman universe had their hands on cryptonite at one point or another. From what I can tell that stuff is about as rare and valuable as coal.

  2. Bryan says:

    $204.99 for that no thanks they can keep this and shove it up their @!!!! for that price.