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Phonofone II iPod Passive Amplification Speaker

Phonofone II iPod Passive Amplification Speaker

Phonofone II iPod Speaker (Images courtesy Unica Home)
By Andrew Liszewski

While the Phonofone II might appear to have closer ties to the RCA brand, it’s actually designed to complement your iPod with its sleek, white, ceramic finish. Designed by Tristan Zimmermann, what’s truly unique about this speaker is that it doesn’t contain any electronics whatsoever, but relies on your iPod’s earbuds as its analog audio source.

Instead of connecting it directly to the headphone jack like with most speakers, you actually leave your earphones connected and place them in the Phonofone’s resonance chamber. Using the virtues of horn acoustics, the speaker promises to boost the audio output coming from those earphones up to 55 decibels, or roughly equivalent to the max volume on a pair of laptop speakers. But instead of getting “trebly buzzing” as the website accurately describes it, you get warm, resonant sound.

The speaker should be available sometime in April from Unica Home for the tidy sum of $500.

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