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Flip Toaster Keeps Your Fingers Safe

Flip Toaster Keeps Your Fingers Safe

Flip Toaser

By Evan Ackerman

Toasters are dangerous beasts. Perhaps the most dangerous kitchen appliances in existence. Once a luscious toasty aroma starts wafting out of your electric deathtrap, it’s virtually impossible to keep your fingers from instinctually grasping at those succulent slices. Problem is, pieces of toast are approximately 1000 degrees right after they pop up. Personally, my desire for toast outweighs both my willpower and my better judgment, which is why this toaster is such a brilliant idea. All you have to do is flip the toaster upside down, and the toast slides right out onto your plate, ready for the application of butter and marmalade. The Toast One concept has a little touch sensitive display on one shoulder, but unfortunately looks like it can only handle one slice at a time. Those of us who need more than that will just have to continue to sacrifice our fingertips in the pursuit of tastiness.

[ Toast One ] VIA [ Design Blog ]


2 responses to “Flip Toaster Keeps Your Fingers Safe”

  1. Jen says:

    It’s easy: keep the plate handy, pick up the bread with two fingers, throw on plate. No burns whatsoever. All on my $15 toaster!

  2. mcman says:

    What, they can’t find real toast to use in the picture?