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Chinavision Dentacom Reveals Why It’s Called “Bluetooth”

Chinavision Dentacom Reveals Why It’s Called “Bluetooth”


By Evan Ackerman

DentacomRemember this tiny little Bluetooth headset? Compared to the Bluetooth toothset (?) it’s ginormous. Now, I should point out that I’m writing about this on the March 31, but until told otherwise, I’m going to assume it’s legit… It is, after all, from China. The Dentacom Bluetooth “dental insert” includes a tiny microphone, tiny transmitter (10m range), tiny battery, and tiny solar panel (!) to run it all. It supposedly transmits very clear sound, although you’ll have to use a regular earpiece to hear anything. The kit comes with “installation tools,” and I should point out that this is not something you put in your mouth, it’s something you install in your tooth, permanently. And when I say you, I mean your dentist, whether or not the installation tools are included. Pricing info not yet available.

Oh, and Bluetooth? It’s named after Harald Bluetooth, a 10th century king of Jutland (Denmark+Germany). The Bluetooth logo are the merged Germanic runes for H and B, Harald’s initials. Now you know.

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