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BrickArms Brings Firepower to Lego Land

BrickArms Brings Firepower to Lego Land


By Luke Anderson

As a kid, my favorite toys were easily my Legos. Sure, my trusty old NES was a close second, but nothing could ever top those wonderful bricks. One thing that always disappointed me was that guns were always so hard to create. There were only a few specific pieces that made for a good handle, and those always seemed to be much better used on a cool spaceship or something. Thankfully someone has taken it up themselves to remedy this issue and create weapons specifically designed for your Lego friends.

BrickArms carries 22 different weapons that are sure to spice up Lego Land. You’ve got everything from shotguns to plasma rifles, there’s even a Walther PPK for you James Bond fans. The tiny plastic guns will set you back $1 each, though for $10 you can also get a custom Lego figure along with several other accessories.

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  • More Plagiarism

    Yet another story ripped off from
    Can’t you guys at least give proper credit??

  • DUH

    Lego weaponry have nothing to do with music. Shut up.

  • Luke Anderson

    As with most other tech news sites, we credit the site that we found the news on. It is rather difficult in a fast-paced industry such as this to determine the exact site that broke the story. In my backtracking I found several other sites that covered the story, none of which was the one you mentioned.

    In fact, when I reached the end of my backtracking, I found that BoingBoing broke the story on March 7th, a full 8 days before wrote it up.

    Please do not make such wild accusations, as this information could have been obtained from any number of sources.

    Furthermore, I do not understand why you would use the term plagiarism, as that would allude to the fact that I copied what was written and called it my own. I believe that you must have been searching for a different word.