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Fishtank Friday: Comfish USB Aquarium

Fishtank Friday: Comfish USB Aquarium

USB Fishbowl

By Evan Ackerman

Raising a fish is hard work. Comfish understands that “most people feel that the precise care of tropical fish is time consuming, requires expertise and is expensive and thus most of us shy away from owning their own aquarium.” The solution? The Comfish aquarium, which is controlled almost entirely from your computer. A USB cable supplies power to the tank’s LED lights, the water heater, and the oxygen pump (bubbles!), and you can control all this stuff with a program that looks just like the fish tank itself. A little camera in the tank displays what’s going on inside the virtual fish tank on your computer, so you never even have to look at the real fish… Besides having to feed them and clean the tank and stuff, of course. It’s also a room humidifier and a night light, and will cost you about $50, in Korea.

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