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Tetris Mirror Is Useful Gaming Art

Tetris Mirror Is Useful Gaming Art

Tetris Mirror

By Luke Anderson

I’m something of an artist, I don’t do anything fancy, mostly just pencil and ink sketches. However, this gives me an appreciation for art, though most of what I have hanging in my house is related to either gaming or comics. Here is one piece of gaming artwork that I would definitely have hanging up.

The Tetris Mirror is my favorite kind of art, one that is not only appeasing to the eye, but is also useful. The mirror consists of thirteen interlocking pieces that you can arrange in any fashion that you like. Now if only there was some information regarding pricing and availability.

[ Soner Ozenc ] VIA [ Gearfuse ]

  • Jen

    Interesting concept… Not a very practical mirror, but I’m sure someone creative could do very cool-looking things with it.

  • tasha

    how do i get one?!

  • nitro2k01

    Wow, that looks awesome! I wouldn't mind having a few of those on my walls. And here's something from the OCD side of me. You almost have a hidden swastika there. Replace the left S block with a |- block.

  • wall art

    I reckon that would sell really well, Loads of people have od shaped mirrors and with this one you could customise it!

  • BusbyTest

    Tetris Mirror Is Useful Gaming Art….
    Then I want to play this game.

  • Zach
  • B

    just get a glass cutter, an old mirror, and a straight edge. Easy, cheap, and GREEN!

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  • Busby SEO

    look nice gaming..

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  • ianimaru

    ohh Tetris mirrors, good idea!!

  • hectic capiznon bloggers 2009

    I like playing tetris on my pc..

  • PDFoxy

    Cool!! yes it is a kind of art

  • Jessie Evangelista

    I don’t think i’ve heard anyone say it better than this. great post