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Tricloptic TLR Camera Only Takes Bicloptic Pictures

Tricloptic TLR Camera Only Takes Bicloptic Pictures

Triclops Camera

By Evan Ackerman

When I first saw this camera, I got all excited thinking that somehow it would be able to take pictures in some kind of extra super realistic 3D. I mean, you can take a normal stereo picture with two lenses, so maybe three lenses lets you see around corners. Or through clothing. Or back in time! But alas, the 3D World 120 Tri-Lens stereo camera is not capable of any of these feats. The third lens at the top seems to be used only for viewfinding, as it’s identical to the other two lenses (80mm F2.8) but has nothing behind it. The bottom lenses are fed 58mm x 56mm stereo film, with 6 image pairs per roll. This completely manual setup promises to be popular only with very serious stereo photographers… Very serious and very rich stereo photographers, that is, since although the price is still unknown, medium format 80mm lenses cost something like $1,500. Each.

VIA [ Impact Lab ]