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The Runt – A Matchbox Sized Stun Gun

The Runt – A Matchbox Sized Stun Gun

The Runt (Images courtesy TBO-Tech)
By Andrew Liszewski

I’m not sure how much smaller stun guns can get, but at 3.25 inches tall I think the Runt is the smallest you’ll find on the market today. While the compact size makes it easy to conceal in a purse or even wear as a pager, the device still packs enough punch to send any assailant reeling while you make your escape. And depending on how much of a point you want to make, the Runt comes in 350,000, 650,000 or 950,000 volt versions which are all powered by just 3 CR123A lithium batteries. There’s also a 950,000 volt rechargeable version with built-in retractable plugs that save you from having to carry a separate charger. On a single charge it’s capable of firing 300-500 times, which is good because the standard recharge time is about 12 hours.

The lithium battery powered Runts run $39.95, $49.95 and $59.95 respectively, while the rechargeable version is $69.95. And standard shipping is free unless you live in New York, Massachusetts, Michigan, Illinois, New Jersey, Philadelphia, PA and a handful of other countries throughout the world where the guns can’t be shipped at all.

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