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Pickle Pops Are Officially The Worst Thing I’ve Seen Today

Pickle Pops Are Officially The Worst Thing I’ve Seen Today

Bob's Pickle Pops (Image courtesy
By Andrew Liszewski

About a year ago, a Seguin, Texas based roller skating rink owner by the name of John Howard started freezing leftover pickle juice and selling it to his patrons. And believe it or not they became quite popular, even to the point of selling out every weekend. So he decided to make his, um… ‘treats’ available to the rest of the world and what’s even more surprising is that his website ends up selling about 20,000 of them every month. Obviously the taste has to be the biggest attraction, because I can’t see people consuming frozen pickle juice just because it’s low in fat and sugar, but there are apparently other health benefits to pickle brine that I wasn’t aware of.

A recent study revealed that pickles blunted the blood-sugar spike by as much as 30% after a high-carb meal. Studies revealed that vinegar, much like that used in the pickling process, provided a balancing benefit to combat harmful insulin spikes. The spices used in the pickling process are also healthy. Pickling ingredients like garlic and dill help to control the growth of unhealthy bacteria in the body. And many other spices involved in the pickling have been known to have wide-ranging health properties as well. PickleSickles have no fat and have less than 1 gram of sugar.

And if regular Pickle Pops aren’t unique enough for your sophisticated palette, they also come in cherry, lemon-lime and jalapeño flavors though they’re not available on the website just yet. You can order a case of 16 Pickle Pops from the website for $17.95, or a box of 32 for $27.95.

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